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<NEW> RURAL HIGH SPEED INTERNET! <NEW>          High Speed Lite - Available both in Prince Albert, and now available to RURAL AREAS!   High Speed Lite can get you connected up to 5 times faster than stanadard dialup modems, plus you can accept phone calls while you're online!  iNET2000's High Speed Lite service is priced like most dial-up services, but has features found only in higher priced High Speed services.          Don't need all those features?  You can get Fast Internet Access for under $5 / month.  iNET2000.com provides the fastest dial-up internet, using the latest 56K Modem technology.  Our connections test faster & more reliable than any other Local Internet Provider.  If you're connected with another provider, try iNET2000.com for FREE for a month and see how much faster & cheaper we can be!          Ideal for Rural residential and Business customers who need the highes speed Internet access, our High Speed Enhanced Wireless Services don't occupy (or ever require) a phone line.  High Speed transfers up to 10 Mbit / second both to & from the Internet makes our Wireless Internet one of the fastest internet access options available.  Plus, with line-of-sight conditions, iNET2000's High Speed Enhanced Wireless is available to homes and businesses up to 25 Kms from town.  If you have a line-of-site to one of our Wireless Towers, then you can get our Enhanced High Speed service!          No matter where you are, even in places not reachable by any other internet service, 2-Way High Speed Internet Via Satellite is now available.  This technology provides ''always-on'', unlimited use, High Speed Internet anywhere, even on Rural Farms & Acreages.  Get connected today and take advantage of Limited time offers and save $400 on the equipment, plus get 2-Way High Speed Satellite service for only $59.95 / month!          Checkout our website, email or call us for more details on any of these services.         

If you have any questions about the website, our services, prices or products, please don't hesitate to call or email us at info@inet2000.com.